Periodic publishing of important issues related to IVF treatments

From time to time we will upload short essays regarding important topics on human reproduction and ART techniques.
Our purpose is to challenge common practices and knowledge from an evidence – based outlook and improve our understanding of human reproduction and infertility treatments

Oocyte age and embryo chromosome number 150 150 IVF Opinions

Oocyte age and embryo chromosome number

In women under 35 four in ten embryos are expected to be genetically abnormal. After that age, gradually, more and more embryos are genetically abnormal reaching to nearly all at the age of 45 The most significant single major factor…

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IVF and Randomness 150 150 IVF Opinions

IVF and Randomness

From an evolutionary and theological point of view, humans cannot influence the rules of DNA rearrangement, which are random and chaotic The pivotal event in either human natural conception or in IVF is the fusion of oocyte and sperm followed…

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IVF statistics 150 150 IVF Opinions

IVF statistics

Couples must ask about numerators and denominators and certainly the maternal age when they evaluate programs and methods and prepare to manage their sentiments, plans and expectations. Going through infertility and IVF literature we come across a lot of statistical…

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Evidence-based medicine in IVF 150 150 IVF Opinions

Evidence-based medicine in IVF

Are we really offering our patients a significant, strong and positive intervention or are we just playing with biological randomness? Clinical medicine is an array of decision-making. We can assume the approach is similar for IVF. In order to decide,…

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