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The central mission of this website is to provide evidence-based, personally tailored expert consultation on the subject of infertility treatments and outcomes.

Through the secure online form below, you may provide us with the information required for a carefully considered consultation, without incurring the financial costs and time needed for multiple doctors visits. We treat your application with utmost sensitivity and professionalism. To provide the absolute best response and allocate the required resources for a continuous communication, this consultation is price at flat rate of EUR 100, payable through credit/debit card or PayPal.

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Please follow the instructions below to help you fill in the application form and send us all necessary tests:

  • Review the form and collect any relative tests or examinations (You may need to scan and send some test results)
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In few days you will receive a report based on your case. We may ask you for some clarification or more details on a previous procedure.
If you have any questions regarding the report don’t hesitate to ask for complementary comments. Infertility and related treatments have a lot of ambivalent and unknown issues