What are cookies

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer or your mobile phone when you visit a website. This way, the website remembers what you did on the website for a certain period of time, and you do not need to enter your preferences each time you visit it or navigate between its pages. Cookies do not collect information individually, but when they are read by a server through a browser program they can provide information and offer a more user-friendly experience.

What types of cookies we use:

 It only uses persistent cookies that remain in your computer or your mobile phone until you delete them yourselves or for a specific period.

Moreover, when you visit our website, certain affiliates (Google Analytics eg) place third-party cookies. They use these cookies to collect information about the effectiveness of adverts and your interaction with our website.

Our affiliates may use this information to draw statistical conclusions and improve your advertising experience as a visitor.

What cookies we use on our website and what information they collect

 Our website uses cookies for various purposes, depending on their function:

Necessary cookies – Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to operate properly. They are used to store non personal information Without these cookies, our website cannot operate effectively.

Traffic data processing cookies – We use traffic data processing cookies to track technical issues that might arise while you are browsing our website. Based on the information collected by these cookies, we correct technical issues and problems and we constantly improve the services offered on our website. This enables us to better meet your personal needs. The cookies are not used for any purposes other than the ones described in this document.

How to control cookies

Cookies are stored on your computer or mobile phone after you have been notified of the privacy settings and have given your consent for each cookie category, with the exception of essential cookies, functionality cookies and traffic data processing cookies,.

You can withdraw your consent, object to the use of cookies on your computer or browser, or control and/or delete the cookies.

In order to delete the cookies from the computer or mobile phone you use at any time, please follow the instructions in the links below depending on the browser and device you use:

What your rights are

You have the right to ask for information on the processing of your data, have access to it, and rectify and/or supplement it at any time. You also have the right to request erasure of your data, request restriction of its processing or withdraw your consent on the use of some or all the cookies, and by extension on the processing of your data.

To exercise your rights, you may email your request to [email protected]